Levels of Access Control Security

Industrial complexes, secure businesses and safety-conscious homeowners all rely on their gate access control systems to keep them protected. Gate access control systems can be as easy to operate as clicking a button on a gate transmitter to open a gate, but there are far more sophisticated options that can really allow you to dictate who can get in and out of what gates, and when. This is especially helpful at facilities with multiple gates and security requirements to make sure only the right people are granted access to the appropriate areas.

Discretionary Access Control

Many residential and commercial properties that don’t require high security protections choose to work with discretionary access control. This level of access control security is the least restrictive as it allows the business owner/operator to decide manually who will or won’t be allowed access. This can be done physically or digitally. With discretionary access control, the individual has complete control over all of access control items they own.

The drawback of this system is that since they are widely run on operating systems such as Windows, they are vulnerable to hacking or malware. The fact that the owner or operator is in full control of the security level permissions and settings also leaves the system vulnerable to user error.

Mandatory Access Control

Unlike discretionary access control, mandatory access control does not allow owners to decide who is given entrance and exit at the gate. The system classifies all users and gives them a label that gives them permission to enter and exit through the appropriate gates.

This level of access control is commonly used in military-based organizations as this system is ideal for property that places a high priority on classified data and confidentiality.

Role-Based Access Control

One of the most successful access control systems is role-based access control. This system works by assigning roles to each user, and basing entry access off these roles. For companies with several tiers of employees, there also comes a need for different levels of access as well as different limitations.

This functionality has made role-based access control widely popular with homeowners as well as much of the business world.

When trying to figure out what system will work best for you, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. You should decide based on the number of people who will need to have entry through your gate, what types of security procedures your home or business follows and what the nature of our business is. Basic businesses and average homes often need more simple access controls where as commercial and industrial businesses in need of high security need a higher level of access control.

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