Automated Gate Problem and Maintenance Checklist

Checklist of Quick Fixes for your Automatic Gate’s Problems

During the course of your time with your automated gate system, you may run into issues such as slower operation, strange noises and device failure. Sometimes this is an indication of a major issue, but it could also just be due to some minor issues that could be caught and fixed during regular inspections and maintenance.

Before ordering a brand-new operator or other access control devices, call an access control specialty company and have them run through this checklist in order to tune up your gate.

May need to be greased:

  • Bearings inside of operator panel
  • Roller or wheels that support the gate

May require painted gate items:

  • Pickets
  • Gate uprights (framework)
  • Hardware (hinges, latches, receivers)

May need to be lubed:

  • Drive chain
  • Chains inside of the operator panel
  • Truck assemblies inside of a track gate
  • Limit switch shaft for the opening and closing limits
  • Gearboxes may need filled

May need tightened:

  • Truck assembly studs
  • Lower and upper rollers
  • Chain tension (refer to operator’s manual)
  • Operator panel bolts
  • Gate fabric (chain link)
  • Pickets (if bolted on to gate)
  • Pulleys in operator panel
  • Brake assembly
  • Photo eye units
  • Plated mounted devices (photo eyes, gate operators)

May need to be replaced:

  • Operator
  • Keypads
  • Safety devices (photo eye, safety edge)
  • Drive chain
  • Brake assembly in operator panel
  • Gate rollers
  • Gate truck assembly if a track gate
  • Clutch pads
  • Batteries in wireless keypads, 7 day timers, wireless transmitters