Common Winter Gate Problems and their Solutions

Waiting for the weather to change from winter to spring can seem like it will never get here. The continuation of the freezing and thawing is starting to take a toll on gate operators, both new and old, as well as their owners. Here in the Midwest, the snow comes down and covers everything like a big white blanket. The extreme winds can also blow all of the roller covers, tracks, and spaces between your gate and fence, causing additional issues.

The endless torrent of snow that has been plaguing the Midwest this year has stopped many gates from opening and closing, and this time it is not only the frost on the photo eyes causing the issue. Whether your gate is getting snowed in day after day, the wheels have frozen, the chain has frozen down to the ground (but you made sure to tighten that up months ago, right?) or even if a snow plow has taken a punch to the gate. Below are a few tips and tricks for these common winter gate issues to try until temperatures start to rise above freezing.

  • Frozen wheels and covers – Before winter begins, remove the gate wheels and covers and clean out any leaves or other foreign objects. Try to grease the roller if you can. Winter time tip: Place ice melt in the roller covers and the rollers, typically the lower rollers. Remember that ice melt can harm next year’s grass and does increase the potential of rust. Removing your wheels and covers can be a dangerous task, so it is a good idea to have a professional handle this for you. Contact American Access Company today for your free quote.
  • Gate is frozen down – When it snows, your gate seems to become caked in snow. The snow weighs the gate down and can potentially thawing underneath its frame, which then can freeze it to the ground. Make sure to clear as much of the snow away from the gate when the gate is open and closed to avoid any gate freezing.
  • Frozen chain – It is important in your pre-winter gate inspection that you inspect your chain as well so you can catch this issue before it becomes a problem. You might not think the chain can make that much of a difference, but it does. When the gate is moving and the chain is loose, it can cause the chain to jump up and down. This plays a roll on the inherent safety built into many operators., which can then cause the gate to stop all together.

These few ideas may help you get by for rest of this winter weather and help you get prepare for next winter in the Midwest. Spring is just on the horizon!

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