LED Gate Lights Help Avoid Accidents & Damage

Unlit gates often hit people, and people often hit unlit gates. Ornamental gates, especially black gates, are difficult to see at night, and drivers aren’t always great at gauging when the gate is fully open

American Access Company offers LED automated gate light kits to illuminate your gate and signal to drivers when it is safe to drive through. These swing gate and slide gate light kits put attractive LED lighting on heavy gates. Your gates are very expensive to build, install, maintain, and repair. As an owner, you should do whatever necessary to keep cars off of your gates, since expensive damage to gate and cars is inevitable if they touch.

Benefits of LED Gate Lights:

  • Significant reduction in gate-vehicle accidents
  • Improves gate visibility for bikers, pedestrians and drivers
  • More appealing gate appearance
  • Low voltage means no install permit needed

Interested in using this super simple product to prevent any damage to your gate or incoming cars? Request your free custom quote from our specialists today!

Swing and Slide Gates with LED lights installed on the bottom for extra visibility and guidance