Gate Operator Accessories

Accessories to Gate Operators:


Loops and Loop Detectors:

These devices are perfect for detecting vehicle traffic while on top of the loop. Designed to open a closed gate, keep an open gate open, or reverse a closing gate to full open, loop detectors will provide both safety and access for vehicles. Wired to the swing or slide gate operator, the detector can be adjusted for frequency and sensitivity. Loops (sold separately) are installed in the pavement below the vehicle and wired to the detector.

HySecurity gate loop detector
HySecurity Gate Loop Detector
– Detector sets optimum sensitivity
– Real-time data
– Loops 3 ways, ensuring reliable installation
LiftMaster vehicle detector
LiftMaster Gate Plug-In Vehicle Detector
– No wiring needed
– Battery backup in case of power outage
– Prevents closing on any vehicles
Saw cut gate loop with copper wire
Saw Cut BD Loop for Gate
– 16ga. copper stranded wire
– Pre-phased at the factory
– Custom polyethylene outer jacket

Battery Back-up:

Designed for safety and security, a battery back-up can be installed in the operator to allow functionality when the power goes out. The back-up unit will sense the loss of power and respond with closing the gate (fail secure) or open the gate (fail safe). Larger systems will provide repeated yet limited operation for opening and closing the gate after a power loss.

HySecurity battery backup for a slide gate operator
HySecurity Slide Gate Battery Backup
– Extra security during power outages
– Fast recharge after AC power restored
– Works on HySecurity & other operator brands
LiftMaster battery backup for sliding gate operator
LiftMaster Slide Gate Battery Backup
– Uninterrupted access when power is out
– Up to 7 days or 100 cycles of use
– Powers safety & ancillary devices

Gooseneck Stands:

These stands mount your keypad, card reader, or any other control device making it easier to approach and operate. The gooseneck stands mounts to the concrete with the use of anchors (sold separately) or may be set in a concrete footing.

42" gooseneck stand for gate entry control devices
42″ Gooseneck Stand for Gate Devices
-10.5″ Throw
– Mounted to ground
– Black powder coat finish
64" gooseneck stand for gate devices
64″ Gooseneck Stand for Gate Devices
– Burial mount configuration
– Black powder coat finish
– Rugged and weather resistant
Pad Mount Dual Gooseneck Stand
– Dual height for average & tall vehicles
– Heavy gauge steel
– 12″ Throw

Three Button Stations:

The simplest means to remotely activate a gate operator, a three-button station can be used to open, close or stop the gate (weather enclosures sold separately). These devices are perfect for manually operating the gate while in view. These devices are available in a single and two button configuration.

LiftMaster 3 button surface mount - indoors
LiftMaster 3 Button Indoor Surface Mount
– Buttons for open, close & stop
– Indicator light for maintenance
– Interior mount only
Gate control station - 3 button
NEMA 3 Button Control Station
– Buttons for open, close & stop
– Keyed lockout
– Surface mount
3 button surface mount control station
NEMA 3 Button Exterior Control Station
– Buttons for open, close & stop
– Plastic enclosure
-Double pole contacts

Keyed Switch:

Perfect for installation both inside and outside the gated area. Weather tight enclosures available, these devices provide those with a key to open and close the gate.

Tamper proof keyed switch
NEMA Tamper-Proof Keyed Switch
– Two positions – open & close
– Aluminum die cast enclosure
– Mortise cylinder
Knox Box keyed switches
Knox Box Emergency Keyed Switches
– Weather resistant operation
– Rapid access without forced entry
– Can share access with multiple agencies
Gate keyed switch with stop button
NEMA Keyed Swith with Stop Button
– Tamper-proof
– Mortise cylinder
– Emergency stop button

Magnetic Locks:

For use on swing and slide gates, these devices can provide up to 1,300 pounds of holding force. Perfect for outdoors use with various brackets for mounting.

Single MagLock (electromagnetic lock)
Single MagLock
– 600 lbs. holding force
– 0 – 90 second hold open timer
– Corrosion resistant
Dual MagLock (double electromagnetic lock)
Dual MagLock
– Double door configuration
– Anodized aluminum housing
– 0 – 90 second hold open timer

Reflective Photo Eye Detector:

To meet compliance with the UL325 Code, these devices are capable of detecting vehicle and pedestrian traffic, mitigating injury to the public. With a 30’ range, the cell will detect anything which crosses its path. When its path is broken, the cell will send a message to the operator. Power is necessary at one end of the opening to the detector while a reflector is installed at the other end.

Universal retro-reflective photo eye
EMX Universal Retro-Reflective Photo Eye
– Long operating range
– Minimized fogging & false triggering
– Weather-proof
LiftMaster photo eyes - reflective
LiftMaster Reflective Photo Eyes
– Weather resistant
– Multi-view LED light indicators
– Built-in heater
Gate photoelectric sensor
Emron Photoelectric Sensor
– Plastic casing
– 40 ft range for gate control
– LED light indicators

Infrared Photo Eye Detector:

To meet compliance with the UL325 Code, these devices are capable of detecting vehicle and pedestrian traffic, mitigating injury to the public. With a 75’ range, the infrared detectors will detect anything that crosses its path. This device is mounted at both ends of the opening and wired for power and controls. When its path is broken, the detectors will send a message to the operator, opening the gate.

Infrared photo eye
EMX Infrared Photo Eye
– Lens-less design
– Long operating range
– Simple 2 wire connection
Infrared photo eyes by Nice Apollo
Nice Apollo Infrared Photo Eyes
– Anti-glare circuit
– Weather resistant
– Surface mounted, synchronized, fixed or positionable
LiftMaster photo eyes - infrared
LiftMaster Infrared Photo Eyes
– 90 ft sensing range
– Built in heater
– Wireless network compatibility with LiftMaster products

Seven-day timer:

This device is installed in your gate operator in order to and close a gate at a specified time each day of the week. Wired to the operator, you may program the time for the gate to open and then close for a seven-day cycle. Please note that this device should only be used in with pedestrian and vehicle safety devices.

7 day electric gate timer
Intermatic 7-Day Electronic Timer
– Up to 3 years backup protection
– Lockable housing
– Daylight savings time corrections
7 date timer for automated gate
Grasslin Electronic 7-Day Timer
– Flush mount
– 3 year backup time
– Max time setting: 7 days
Electromagnetic 7 day timer with manual override
Intermatic Electromagnetic 7-Day Timer
– Manual override
– On & off tripper included
– Provides direct 24-Hour control of most loads


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