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Your automated gate got hit by flood waters–now what?

As most people know, the Midwest has experienced historical flooding this spring. The flooding caused (and is still causing) issues to homes, businesses and peoples’ lives. The cleanup is still in progress and American Access Company is still receiving calls from flood victims who cannot get their gate operators to work due to water damage.… Continue Reading

American Fence Company protects Sioux City

Sioux City is on the rise, and just keeps climbing. The Convention Center has always been a great setting for events in Sioux City, but as the city grows the need for venue space and lodging increases as well. Kinseth Hospitality Co. is in the middle of a project that will open a new Courtyard… Continue Reading

Proximity Readers are Hands-Free and Convenient

Proximity readers, also known as long-range RFID readers, are an excellent solution for anyone who would like access to their automatic gate just by pulling up to it. Whether you don’t want to fumble with a remote that never stays in place, don’t want to worry about changing the batteries, or just want an access… Continue Reading

Things To Consider For Gate Security.

A gate is a difficult thing to protect. How do you go about making something secure that almost anyone can climb over? What does a gate provide in terms of protection? If a gate is executed to the highest degree a gate can be, how safe is it going to make you? Many people take… Continue Reading

3 Gate Opener Alternatives

Some customers will tell you they want to stretch outside of the realm of just gate transmitters and radio receivers. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, there are a few different options on the marketplace these days that will open the gate as you or your customers leave the property. 1 –… Continue Reading

Can You Add on to Your Automated Gate System?

Have you ever wondered if, after you automated gate is installed, you can add on additional access control parts to your operator? If you would like another safety device to help alert people that the gate is moving, a simple fix would be to install a strobe light to the operator. Strobe lights come in… Continue Reading

7 Gate Operator Parts to Check During Spring Cleaning

Mother Nature decided to change the weather for us in the Midwest in a hurry. Many states went from having over a foot of snow on the ground and frigid temperatures to highs in the sixties and large amounts of rain. Spring is right around the corner, and so is spring cleaning. This is a… Continue Reading

Common Winter Gate Problems and their Solutions

Waiting for the weather to change from winter to spring can seem like it will never get here. The continuation of the freezing and thawing is starting to take a toll on gate operators, both new and old, as well as their owners. Here in the Midwest, the snow comes down and covers everything like… Continue Reading

Maglock: Increase your Walk Gate Security

Do you have a walk gate that needs a little updated security? In the world of gate access control, there are several different options you can choose from. All you need is a little innovation and no matter the size of your budget, any thing is possible. Take some time to do some research and… Continue Reading