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Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal To Reach Your Automatic Gate

How to Get your Gate to Connect to your Wi-Fi We are in an age of technology revolution, which has brought us many brand-new devices that significantly improve our lives. We now can communicate with almost anyone in the world instantly, monitor our health and phone activity from our watch, and immerse ourselves in a… Continue Reading

Setting Up the Wiring For an Automated Gate

When deciding to install a new fence installed double drive swing gate, cantilever, or slide gate on your property, you may think “Oh I can just get out of my car and open the gates”. However, it’s probably a good idea to leave the option of automating your gate once you tire of manually operating… Continue Reading

LED Gate Lights Help Avoid Accidents & Damage

Unlit gates often hit people, and people often hit unlit gates. Ornamental gates, especially black gates, are difficult to see at night, and drivers aren’t always great at gauging when the gate is fully open American Access Company offers LED automated gate light kits to illuminate your gate and signal to drivers when it is… Continue Reading

Why Won’t My Gate Open?: Emergency How-To Guide

Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up to your gate and it will not open. You are stranded. You cannot get in and out. Your family, employees, service providers are all at a complete standstill. Below is your quick How-To Guide to walk you through the steps to get your gate open. This is not… Continue Reading

Automating a Box Framed Cantilever Gate

Standard single and double track aluminum cantilever gates are excellent for your standard slide gate for residential and commercial properties. However, once openings get wider, gates get taller, additional wind load is added, a standard cantilever slide gate may not be enough. This is where box framed cantilever gates are necessary. Box framed cantilever gates… Continue Reading

Testing Your Automated Gate Loop

Once you begin the process of installing a pave-over or a saw cut in loop, you should always test the loop prior to installation. Pave-Over Loops or Saw Cut In Loops First you have to determine which loop you will install. When choosing which type of loop to install, you must look at how far… Continue Reading

Solar, Wind or Utility Power: Choosing Power for your Automated Gate

As alternative power sources have become more and more available to the average consumer, it can be easy to see why interest has grown in using them to replace classic power options. Solar panels and windmills naturally generate power using either the power of the sun or wind. These are not only Earth-friendly power options,… Continue Reading

Keeping Your Automated Gate’s Stop Limits In Check

Every so often it may feel like instead of your automated gate working with you as intended, it is working against you. You may try troubleshooting it for hours before giving in and calling in the professionals. It can be frustrating to have to pour more time and money into your automated gate. There are… Continue Reading

Choosing Automated Gate Parts that Match your Gate

If you’re in the process of making the decision to install or have an automated gate company install an automatic gate on your property, it can feel like you’re remodeling a kitchen. You have to figure out what style of gate you want (ornamental or chain link), what type of gate (swing, cantilever, slide or… Continue Reading

Avoiding Accidents when Working with Other Contractors

Accidents do happen when different contractors are involved all on one project. As the projects reaches or even extends past the deadline, the pressure tends to lead to mistakes. You don’t want any accidents to occur because someone is trying to rush their job. Most accidents can be fixed or mended, but you likely can’t… Continue Reading