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American Access Company is one of our nation’s top security contractors. While we are based primarily in the Midwest, our portfolio of security contract work and well-established contractor network extends well beyond the central United States to cover installations and services from coast to coast for everything from security installations and access control systems to vehicle crash barriers and engineered custom metals.

Whether you are looking for access control and security for a nuclear power plant, data center, military base, airport, or other project, you can trust the professional and experienced team at The American Access Company to get your security job done right.

American Access Company has partnered with the Industry Leader in Security Rated Product Manufacturing

Black Security Products (BSP)

Modular Portable Protective Device

BSP designed and developed a portable security barrier which is completely modular in nature that can prevent vehicle ramming and pedestrian borne attacks.

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M50 P1/P2 Passive Cable

The BSP M50/P1 Passive Cable Barrier (Anti-Ram Fence) has been utilized primarily for the US Dept of Defense (DoD), FBI, NSA, Nuclear Energy and Data Centers

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M30 P1/P2 Passive Cable

The BSP M30 P1/P2 (K4) Cable Anti-Ram Fence is a passive barrier ensured to safeguard strategic access control points, protect high-risk security assets, facilities.

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Anti-Ram Crash Gates

The BSP M50 (Kl2) through M30 (K4) Crash Gates are active barriers ensured to safeguard strategic access control points, protect high-risk security assets, facilities.

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M50 Bollard Systems

Black Security Products (BSP) has a full line of Standard and Shallow Mount Bollards, that are designed for perimeter security protection, pedestrian safety and traffic control.

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Folding Speed Gates

The Folding Gate systems come in a variety of options and configurations. By utilizing the unique bi-folding design BSP has minimized the gates footprint. These gates are perfect for confined spaces.

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Anti-Climb / Cut System

Black Security Products, LLC. (BSP) line of Security Welded Mesh Fencing Systems are designed for ultimate perimeter protection, while still maintaining a pleasing appearance.

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Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers have long been a staple in the security industry. The right wedge barrier is easily installed, has a fast operation time, and competitively priced compared to net systems and bollards.

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Drop Arms

BSP offers a full line of crash tested Drop Arm Barriers designed for entrances where vehicular traffic needs to be controlled or when there is a threat of a vehicle ramming attack.

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Defender Net Barrier

BSP Defender Net Barrier was created to lessen the damage to an accidental impact while maintaining the security of the Anti-Ram vehicle barrier requirements of the Kl 2 and M50 certifications.

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  • Facebook Data Center, Papillion, Nebraska
  • Facebook Data Center, Altoona, Iowa
  • Microsoft Data Center, Ames, Iowa
  • Project Vortex, Olathe, Kansas
  • ADP Data Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • EMC Data Center, Ames, Iowa
  • Team Companies Data Center, Waukee, Iowa
  • Google Data Center, Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • American Family Data Center, Wisconsin
  • Travelers Insurance Data Center, Papillion, Nebraska
  • Paypal Data Center, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Yahoo Data Center, Omaha, Nebraska


  • Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
  • Cooper Nuclear Power Station, Brownville, Nebraska
  • MidAmerican Energy, Multiple High-Security Sites
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Big Bend Dam, Ft. Thompson


  • Strategic Air Command, Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Ellsworth Air Force Base, Ellsworth, South Dakota
  • FBI Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska


  • Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City, Kansas
  • Eppley Airfield, Omaha, Nebraska
  • CBW Downtown Airport (MKC) Kansas City, Missouri
  • Des Moines Airport, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Amtrak Station, Creston, Iowa
  • EMC Data Center, Ames, Iowa

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