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If you need automatic gates in Saint Paul, look no further than American Access Company. As the city’s #1 access control provider, we design and install products with various options on length, weight, horsepower, voltage, configuration, cycles, phases, etc. This way, you can pick a gate ideal for your particular needs.. Learn more.


Automated gate openers are convenient in that they function in very much the same way as a garage door opener. When you press the transmission button, a radio frequency code is sent to the gate. What’s more, a gate opener can even be attached to the visor of your automobile—again, much like a garage door opener. The transmitters sold by American Access Company of Saint Paul can send individual codes, manage time zones, and track usage. Learn more.


American Access Company of Saint Paul’s gate operator accessories are designed to close gates, keep gates open, as well as stop a closing gate and then reverse it to the fully open position. Loop detectors provide accessibility and vehicle safety; the loops are installed beneath pavement, and the detectors are adjustable for frequency and sensitivity. Learn more.



Here at American Access Company of Saint Paul, we salute customers’ need for safe security. For this reason, we design and install customizable automatic gates for residential customers, who can receive a unique gate after going through our selection of gate features and accessories. A safe, secure automated gate has the potential to boost both your curb appeal and your property value. Learn more.


American Access Company has installed high security fencing for a diverse clientele that includes airports, military bases, government buildings, prisons, substations, and data centers. Our customers require the best security systems available, so we stay current on high security trends and technology. Learn more.


When it comes to automated gate repair, gate opener repair, and gate access systems in Saint Paul – and, for that matter, the entire Midwest – there is no better contractor than American Access Company. No matter the type of service needed for your automatic gate, our highly trained staff is here to help. Need parts for a gate in Saint Paul? No worries, we’ve got you covered on those needs, too! Learn more.

Benefits of Access Control & Automatic Gates


When it comes to proofing residential and commercial properties from unwanted solicitors and intruders, the automated gates from American Access Company are unsurpassed. When you browse our selection of access control devices, check out the ones featuring cameras and intercoms. With these, you can individually screen visitors. This way, you’ll know at all times who has authorized entry.


American Access Company’s products are installed in accordance with the most current safety standards. Our highly trained staff recognizes that automated gates are designed not only to keep out intruders but also protect authorized entrants: family members, visitors, employees, etc. Safety is first and foremost in mind when we design and install gates in Saint Paul.


Security and privacy are combined with our automated gates and access control systems. As the top automatic gate contractor in Saint Paul, American Access Company specializes in products allowing you to keep out unwanted solicitors and intruders. Having a barrier at your property entrance provides a sense of privacy from busy streets.

Curb Appeal

Looking to boost your curb appeal? Look no further than American Access Company, the #1 automatic gate contractor in Saint Paul. Receive a unique, one of a kind gate through our vast options on customization: colors, monograms, landscape designs, etc. Our trained designers will work with you to come up with a gate ideal for your property.

Property Value

Did you know that the automated gates installed by American Access Company of Saint Paul can potentially increase your property value? After all, buyers are more likely to notice and remember a property that has an elegant, secure barrier guarding its entrance. Our unique gates offer convenience, security, and – in the long run – a better chance of selling when you’re ready to sell.


Did you know that having an automated gate in Saint Paul has the potential to earn you a lower insurance premium? Because safety and security are the foremost reasons for installing a gate, having one might convince an insurance carrier – noting your lower odds of being robbed or vandalized – to lower your premium.

The #1 automated gate provider in Saint Paul and the Midwest, American Fence Company, specializes in automated gates, barriers, access control, and gate operators. We also offer gate maintenance and gate repair. Services are carried out by a team of trained industry professionals, and our inventory of gate parts is constantly growing. In addition to Saint Paul, our service area includes Cottage Grove, Bloomington, Hastings, Albert Lea, Apple Valley, Mankato, Red Wing, Minneapolis, and Winona

Our staff is assembled and trained and our in-stock inventory of parts is growing. We stand ready to assist you. Request a Free Estimate today!

What is Access Control?

Access control is an automated gate system used to control who has access to your property in Saint Paul.

American Access Company’s gates come in many types, including swing and slide gates, cantilever gates, and barrier arms. Specializing in access control systems, we sell products that can be utilized for residential and commercial properties. Our gates come equipped with accessories to add extra security.