System Design

American Access Company offers designers, architects and end-users all the tools necessary to design your next automated gate access control system.  We start with our design guide and offer multiple design drawings that can be incorporated into your design drawings. 

How To Select Your Automated Gate & Access System – Your Ultimate System Design Guide

An automated electric gate can be as simple as pushing the button on a garage door opener to open and close your gate.  Automatic gates can also be as sophisticated as a computerized entry and vehicle proximity reader where your system knows your car and automatically opens the gate as you approach while recording, managing and sharing every transaction. 

This “How To” article will address each step in the design of your automated gate system from the selection of the gate to the gate devices and accessory components.  The steps include:

Automated Access Control Design Drawings – Your complete design drawings for equipment, dimensions and electrical.

Automated access control systems can be complicated and require planning on behalf of the designer.  American Access Company makes it easy by providing a complete set of equipment, dimensions and electrical design drawings.  Our drawing sets are broken-out into the four most common access control systems. 

  • Single swing gate
  • Double swing gate
  • Single slide gate
  • Double slide gate

Each drawing demonstrates a plan view of the necessary items to provide a complete and code compliant system.  These drawings not only provide the necessary layout but will assist in helping designers select the necessary equipment and plan for its place on their project site.  The electrical layout drawings are priceless in providing the necessary electrical conduit, wire and wiring for all construction trades to be mindful and provide for these necessary items.  If your access control system is not represented by one of our four sets, please contact us and we will happily assist you in a custom set of drawings. 

Automated Gate – Single Slide Gate

Automated Gate – Single Swing Gate

Automated Gate – Double Slide Gate

Automated Gate – Double Swing Gate